Painting at Harrop Fold Farm
With Michael Moore

Somewhere very special... A Quintessentially English Experience

Harrop Fold Farm, Rainow, Macclesfield, 
Cheshire.  SK10 5UU 
01625 574887

The Artist

Michael Moore is an artist member of the Fine Art Trade Guild and has been a professional artist for over 35 years. His favourite subject matter is landscape and seascape in oils and watercolour, varying his style between traditional and contemporary approaches to painting.

Michael, professional artist and member of the Fine Art Trade Guild, is well known in the area and has spoken at many community groups, exhibiting locally as well as nationally and world-wide; the courses were requested by those who met and heard him and saw him exhibit over the years.

As a student, Michael Moore read Chemistry at Nottingham University, but after winning an international photographic competition, he worked as a photographer before moving into painting.

He has won several major art competitions, such as the national 'Pro Loco' competition, and his pictures have been bought worldwide, for example the American Embassy, the Lieutenant Governor of Jersey, and Derbyshire County Council. Galleries throughout the UK handle his work, and he has exhibitions in various venues such as London, Jersey, the Lake District, Scotland and the Isles of Scilly.

In his art, Michael Moore is interested in pursuing the great traditions of English landscape painting developed by Girton, Constable, Cox and Turner, sharing their fascination with the transforming effects of our elusive, changeable and magical light. He also has a great interest in the French Impressionists, especially Monet, sharing his love of colour and the 'envelope of light'.

Michael Moore is an experienced and sympathetic tutor, keen to de-mystify painting as a craft and a gift. His advice to his pupils is to be confident, and have belief in your own ability to think about what you see, and translate this vision into paint. He believes that all of us have the ability to do this, with a little guidance.

‘I know that skills learnt will be of lasting benefit to me’, D.M. Nov. 2015

‘Michael offered solutions and opportunities, instead of seeing problems and imperfections’, S.G July, 2014