Painting at Harrop Fold Farm
With Michael Moore

Somewhere very special... A Quintessentially English Experience

Harrop Fold Farm, Rainow, Macclesfield, 
Cheshire.  SK10 5UU 
01625 574887

Holiday Sketching Course

 NEW! Due to popular request:

We are pleased to introduce this new Art Course.

You will be given your own new Holiday Sketch Book on arrival, and when you leave you will have at least two good sketches completed. As with all our Art Courses, you need bring no materials. You will be given, in addition to your Holiday Sketch Book, at least two different pencils, one hard and the other soft - and of course, a rubber!

The Morning Session:

First of all we will look around the farmstead, outlying buildings and rural grounds, identifying suitable sketching views, so that you will understand what makes for a good sketch through the elements of composition.

 We will talk about sketches of landscapes & seascapes, and about sketches with architectural features, perhaps agricultural, rural, urban or ecclesiastical.

 The first half of the Course is given over to learning the techniques of pencil sketching and drawing: you will experiment with two different methods, high-key and low-key sketching. This part of the Course may take place outdoors, as we have created a new, purpose-built sketching garden. Your first completed sketch will be in pencil.

The Afternoon Session:

The second half of the Art Course takes place in the studio after lunch. You will learn, or refresh yourself in, some techniques of watercolour painting, followed by an introduction or refresher in techniques of watercolour painting and washes. Your second sketch will be a watercolour wash.

Your completed sketches at the front of your new Sketch Book will be permanent reminders of what you have learned during your Art Course with Michael Moore. You will have gained an interesting holiday pastime, and have literally at your fingertips the very best way to remember your holiday.

 This Art Course is suitable for both beginners and those with some experience.

Cost: 85.00 per day

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